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Part 1.

This weeks blog post I am going to talk about our vision for #projectligarst.
I have had a few different ideas run through my head, but I am happy to say I have finally decided on a design.

Now first off, I was going to design this house to be all white and very coastal/country. But I thought to myself, this isn’t our “forever” home, and I wanted to try something a little different and also have some fun with it.

I have never been much of a “black” interiors gal, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE black kitchens, black features, etc, but i have always felt my style is very white, minimalist and coastal. And for this I never really considered using black features. Until I had a thought, and realised, because this isn’t our forever home, why not have a bit of fun and step out of my comfort zone and create something stunning.

TA-DA our vision for #projectligarst was created!!
Now some of you may have already seen this on my instagram, but I’m going to dive a little deeper into each selection a little more.

As you can see, there is a splash of black, but I am absolutely loving the finished look. It still gives the home character, this was KEY for us. We didn’t want to mix old and new to the point it would look too much of a modern home. We purchased this property for the facade and original character, so it was very important to maintain that feel, but give it a new look as well.

A fellow interior stylist on Instagram Renee Case, wrote a little post about adding black into a home. (see below)

“I read an interesting quote once that said ‘there is not a single room that can’t be elevated by the addition of black’. Think of it like this ladies.. have you ever gone out and (with horror) realised you forgot to swipe on mascara?
Your eyeshadow and base could be perfect, but without that tiny touch of black to define it, it just falls flat.. and quite honestly looks a bit messed up  #powderylashes
Look at this space.. That fireplace gives SO much impact and makes the soft whites and beautiful timber look even more dreamy It could be as simple as adding a piece of art, a pot, a cushion, coffee or side table, black tapware in your bathroom or black window frames.


If you have a room that isn’t looking quite right try giving this a go. Perhaps it just needs some “mascara”
-Renee Case


Whilst reading the above, it finally hit me. I don’t need to worry about how much “black” is needed. Adding 1 or 2 black features, doesn’t mean I then need to add numerous others just to tie it all in, keep it simple and not over think it, black speaks for itself!

Now going back to our vision board/mood board, I don’t want to give away to much, I’d like to keep some of it a surprise. As you can see, I have chosen a “wool” look carpet, I’ve gone with Choices Flooring ‘Delano’ Range, It’s almost like a donkey brown colour. I went with a Solution Dyed Nylon – Textured, as this was the best option for us as a growing family, rather than the wool range. It it will be easy to keep clean, doesn’t show track marks (which was a must in this house, as every time I vacuumed, it looked amazing straight away. But then had foot prints all over it – DROVE ME CRAZY! Then introduce a little person, who wanted to ride a bike inside and push a pram, the tracks were never ending!) The colour we have chosen also goes perfectly with the vision I had in mind.
While we are on the topic of flooring, we will be looking at an Engineered Timber Flooring in an Oak style, quite light. I haven’t found the exact one I’m after as of yet, we have some friends of ours who have just started their own business, “Coastal Grain”, they are located in Torquay, and have a great range of coastal style flooring. I have a sneaky little idea up my sleeve for the flooring, but I’ll keep that one under wraps for a minute. We will be going for a light floor, as thats the feel I want in this home, I want it bright and light. We used a flooring from Bunnings in our previous reno, we chose a dark timber look, but once again this left foot prints if you weren’t wearing socks, and was a pain in the butt to keep clean. Don’t get me wrong, it looked absolutely amazing, the contrast from the dark floors, to the white kitchen was so classic, it just didn’t suit our growing family.

A few weeks ago, I posted about real wood fire vs gas log fire! you guys helped me out a tonne, and we are happy to say we have gone with a real wood fire, YAY! Bring on next winter, snuggling up in front of it! I thought long and hard about this; would it be practical with young kids? Is the dust going to bother me? And don’t even get me started on SPIDERS!! But the pro’s outweighed the con’s and we just couldn’t go past the heat and ambience a real wood fire gives. We originally were going for a vj panelling style feature wall, in black, with a gas log fire, but I came across this stunning image and knew Al wanted a real wood fire place so badly, so I thought if we can achieve a look like this then I’ll happily swap gas for real. And you’ll never guess, we had a tonne of red bricks pulled out from an old fire place in the kitchen that we can clean up and re-use! They are stunning, so textured and raw. It’s going to look amazing. Its adding character to the home, and its beautiful to be able to re-use part of the old home, and the warmth the red brick will give to a simple white wall will look so beautiful!
We still haven’t decided on a fire place yet, but ideally I’d love to go something similar to the one above (if it fits in the budget).

Ok now I could go on forever discussing materials and colours I have chosen for this project, but I’m going to finish with the exterior.
As you see it will be a white weatherboard home, very minimalist, with a lot of charm. Now I was going to originally do a white picket fence (I’d decided this before our offer was even accepted haha) but once I actually stood back and glanced at the front facade and the rest of the street, I knew if I wanted this home to stand out I needed to do something big and BOLD! Our neighbours have a white picket fence and their home is grey and white, very similar in the facade to ours. So, from that I didn’t want to have 2 homes nearly identical next to one another, enter the colour black! I searched on Pinterest one night and came across some amazing homes with black fences and knew this could be an option we could look at, as there wasn’t a home like it around town.

So once we had both agreed this was the way we were going, the rest of the exterior just fell into place. As I said earlier, keeping the character of the home was crucial, and a part of me thought that a black fence would modernise it way too much, but after much discussion we knew if we chose the right garden design, used heritage/barn style exterior lighting and kept the gable design, it would truly transform the home to its former glory!
For the house, we are going all white! I’ve decided on Dulux Snowy Mountain qtr with Surfmist Colorbond Roof, I’d love to use the new Matte range, but we will see if it fits in the budget!
And the big WOW factor with this property is our ALL BLACK GARAGE!! yep thats right, ALL BLACK!!!!! its going to look insane!!! I’ve gone with Dulux Domino and Monument Colorbond Roof! I came across this image and I died, I thought I’d have a really hard time getting Al on board, but he was super into it! This is actually one of the things I am most excited to see come to life!! I am also designing the garden around it, as any greenery on black looks incredible!

So thats it for today on our vision for #projectligarst – I’ll come back to this in another blog on another day, and I’ll dive deeper into our interior colour selection, the kids bedrooms and some other finer details.

I hope you are enjoying following along so far.

Sarah x

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