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Here, I’ll be sharing all the nitty gritty bits about our renovating journey as owner-builder on our new property and project – the  “Ligar St Project”

Along the way, you’ll get to meet my partner Alistair, our daughter Isla, our 2 fluffy children Bear and Honey and of course me, the one typing away, who really sucked at English class!!

I’ll try share all the fun bits as well as all the boring bits to really give you an idea on how the process works. If you have any questions along the way, please say hi and ill try answer them the best I can.

I Hope you enjoy our crazy journey with us, stay tuned for week 1 coming very soon!!

Sarah xx

Project Ligar St

Our Vision..

Part 1. This weeks blog post I am going to talk about our vision for #projectligarst. I have had a few different ideas run through …

Project Ligar St

The Beginning..

Hello there,Welcome to our first blog post!! So glad you decided to drop by and follow along on our journey “Project Ligar St”Firstly, let me …

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